School Advisory Council


The Education Advisory Council, working in partnership with the Principal, is consultative to the Pastor, the Parish and the Parish Finance Council with regard to the operation by the parish of its school. In Diocesan schools, the Educational School Advisory Council works in partnership with the Principal. It is expected to be a collaborative body with all members contributing to the discussion.


The anticipated areas in which the School Advisory Council will have consultative input are Catholic Identity, Finance, Academic Excellence, Plant and Facilities, Strategic Planning, Advancement/Development, and Marketing.


School Advisory Council Members:

Pastor - Fr. Zerr

Principal - Valerie Vavrusa

PTO President - Elaine Gonzalez

President - Mark Esparza

Member - Desiree Canchola

Member - Natalie Hoelscher

Member-Kelsey Ockels

Member-Jose Pereida