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Message from Pastor Zerr

When I run into people from my old parishes, they ask, “So, how’s the new place?”
I answer, “Great! It’s a nice church with nice staff and nice parishioners. And I got a school!”
Yes, I get to help out at Saint Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic School. On Mondays, I get to teach the 5th and 6th graders and then I get to teach the 3rd and 4th graders. (They just gave me a giant birthday card signed by half a hundred students.) On Thursdays, the school sends a class over and I hear their confessions. On Fridays, I say Mass for the whole school. In no way is this a duty or a burden; I consider this an honor and a privilege. Left to myself, I tend to get a little cynical about people. I whine and complain about the little annoyances and irritations of life. But kids give me hope. They’re innocent and enthusiastic. They see old problems with new eyes. These kids are, literally, our future. And I’ve been very impressed with their knowledge of the Bible, sacraments, saints… They have surprising questions, unexpected answers. So God bless the kids. And God bless their parents who recognize the academic and spiritual value of a Catholic education and make great sacrifices to send their children to St. Elizabeth’s. And then there are the staff and teachers at our school. For them, this is not merely a job; it is a vocation. Praise them with great praise.
Yes, St. Elizabeth’s parish is great. I have three deacons, the Knights of
Columbus, the Altar Society, ACTS retreats… and I got a school!