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After School Care


Saint Elizabeth School is focused on the health and safety of the students. After School care is currently suspended until further notice. 

Thank you. 


St. Elizabeth School offers an extended day program from 3:30 to 5:30 pm daily. Children are supervised in a relaxed, yet structured environment.


Hourly drop-in rates:

(billed in 15 minutes’ increments) 


1 Child - $4.00 per hour


2 Children - $7.00 per hour


3 Children - $9.00 per hour




Paid in advance (monthly rate)


1 Child - $100.00


2 Children - $150.00


3 Children - $200.00


One dollar will be charged for every minute after 5:30 pm. An effort will be made to contact the school in case of an emergency. The overage must be paid at the time the child is picked up.